Public API  4.5
Application Programming Interface to Expleo Test Center
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The Public API enables data exchange between Expleo Test Center and other programmes.
The Application Programming Interface (API) allows processing information managed in Test Center for individual project needs. It provides read and write access to Test Center from other applications - e.g. in order to generate analyses in an external application or to write back status information from a test system into Test Center. Via the API, Test Center can be accessed through different programming languages and applications.

Before using the Public API, please read the following topics:

  1. Technical Infrastructure
  2. Getting started
  3. Implementation Details for developers

Users can either adopt the provided example applications or programme their own applications (e.g. Word document templates, Excel files) that access the Expleo-Test/Professional data base and process the accessed data. Possible applications include, for example:

  • Exporting status information to Microsoft Word for generating up-to-date status reports
  • Exporting management information (efforts etc.) to planning tools such as Microsoft Project

Several templates are available for users to familiarise themselves with the basics and in order to be enable them to programme their own applications.

  • API programming examples can be found in the installation directory: <installation directory>\nl\<version>\examples\PublicAPI
  • Templates for individual programmes can be found here: <installation directory>\nl\<version>\templates\PublicAPI
Only data objects that correspond with the components a license has been purchased for will be accessible. To read requirements, for example, the Integration Manager Requirements is required.
Data access in Test Center is managed through permissions that are stored in the Administration for the respective users. Read access requires read permissions, write or delete access require the respective write or delete permissions.
Data retrieved by the application will not be updated automatically.